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During the last years my experience as a web developer and as a ARM boards hobbyist has allowed me to gain and share useful knowledge, aside from my personal blog, I've collaborated with other blogs, forums and magazines. I'm honored to be asked to share my knowledge with others. The following list contains my collaboration articles so far:

  • Web Horizon Blog [Currently] - I'm collaborating with this blog for a couple of years now, I've been writing articles about web hosting, email hosting, VPS instances, proxies and VPN installations.
  • LowEndSpirit Forum - I've collaborated with this blog with just one post, the forum and its members are great, unfortunately its blog is not available anymore. However, they now have a section called: “LES Talk”, these entries are actually forum threads, very helpful as well.
  • Odroid Forum - I've collaborated with this forum on multiboot related threads. I've generated custom OS images for Odroid C2 boards back at that time, actually they are online and I believe they still work. I have plans to get they latest board (Odroid C4) anytime soon and continue to contribute with the Odroid community.
  • Odroid Magazine - Those custom OS images for Odroid C2 boards had such a positive impact on that community that their staff ask me to write an article for their magazine. Unfortunately, this magazine have been discontinued, its latest issue was #79 dated on July 2020. I hope they restart its magazine promotions again.
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